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Loyalty Reward Card Program

Add scale to your business by introducing Bancom Customer Loyalty Reward Cards to your line of products.

New Thinking In Stored Value Technology.

Thanks to the advancement of payment technology and improved regulation, consumers are placing a higher value on gift cards. By the end of 2013, gift card volume reached $120 Billion in the U.S. alone.

Not only does this figure show positive growth, it is a clear indication that consumers are ready to explore payment card alternatives offered by non-traditional card issuers.

We work with SME’s, retail establishments, online shops and private organizations. Enhance customer relationships by offering loyalty gift cards. A flexible and efficient way to give customer rewards while retaining financial benefit.

Key Benefits

  • Branded with your company logo
  • Can be used as travel money cards
  • Accepted at over 350 million locations
  • Retain customer goodwill