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Fraud encompasses a broad range of unlawful practices involving deliberate deceit or misrepresentation. These illegal acts affect businesses in many areas including financial, operational, and even psychological. While the monetary damage may be significant, the full impact of fraud on a company can be devastating.

Safeguard your company’s assets and reputation

Bancom’s advanced Fraud Detection Engine (FDE) is a web based digital analysis tool for performing verification and authorization by examining patterns in transactional and behavioural data.

The engine pro-actively combats fraudulent activity, stopping criminals dead in their tracks before they have the opportunity to create serious financial damage.

The FDE implements various authentication techniques, including reverse lookups, identity document and payment card verification. Bancom uses different sources to ensure the integrity of the data and to verify the identity of the card holder.


In addition to the FDE’s advanced technology and as an added layer of defense, Bancom’s risk management team continuously examines critical business data.

We pinpoint weaknesses that could be exploited by fraudsters and identifying transactions that could be fraudulent or demonstrate a heightened risk of fraud.

credit card fraud protection