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Bin Sponsor Programs

With strong associations with the major global payment networks, Bancom Europe Ltd is well suited to deliver advanced payment solutions and offer partner sponsorship programs to Program Managers/owners, ISO’s and other corporate entities.

Our Program Sponsorship programs enable corporate partners to focus on sales, distribution and customers service whilst we handle all aspects of issuing the payment cards, including financial and compliance obligations. Partners are given access to the major global payment networks, regulatory and compliance matters are taken care of as part of the package.

Each Program Manager is provided with their own exclusive payment scheme identifiers ensuring accurate reconciliation, reporting and income analysis as well as safeguarding against common problems associated with sharing with other programs.

Trust Accounts

An Exclusive Trust Account for each program manager ensures safe repository of consumer funds and bypasses the ‘pooling’ of funds. This contributes further to our open and transparent services that are uniquely structured to benefit corporate partners.

Card Types

Bancom is able to facilitate issuance of various types of payment cards including debit, prepaid, virtual and contactless cards. In addition, we are able to access a variety of account loading systems to suit the partners requirements.

Exclusive Models

Our exclusive identifier model allows us to provide partners with a full turnkey solution leveraging our long-standing relationships with trusted processors and card manufacturers, and other essential suppliers, as part of the service offering.