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Bancom offers up to sixteen different currencies giving travellers convenient ATM access to domestic cash. Avoid additional bank exchange fees or currency fluctuations. Click here for a complete list Available of currencies.


Bancom’s preloaded Travel Money Card can be used at over 30 million locations worldwide, including online, at ATM’s, retail shops, restaurants, entertainment venues and more.

Easy to Manage

Enjoy your holiday! Never worry about overspending or being over charged. Login to Bancom’s Management Dashboard at any time to keep track of your daily spend or to top up.

It's Secure

Your travel money card is chip and pin protected and it is not linked to a regular bank account. You can rest assured that your money and personal information is kept safe at all times.

Safer than cash

Eliminate the risk of carrying large amounts of cash. Use your card to buy goods or services wherever you see the relevant Global Payment Network logo.

Travel Money Cards for Business Travellers



Avoid cumbersome reimbursements by providing Bancom’s travel money cards to your employees. The intuitive management dashboard enables financial management staff to accurately manage budgets and control employee expenditures.

Monitor all card activity in real time and know exactly where the money is being spent. Transferring funds to and from employee travel money cards is convenient, fast and easy.

Key Benefits

  • No need to maintain copies of receipts
  • Cut back on time consuming reimbursement processes
  • Avoid Expense Policy Violations
  • Employees no longer have to wait for reimbursement checks
  • Keep track of all transactions from any location, in real time.