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Bancom’s Online Payment Account is designed to make your day to day business operations run smoothly. Our online payment account applications are more efficient than paper-based processes (i.e., checks, bank orders, etc) which enable business owners to make their financial management more productive, profitable and secure.



Setting up a Payment Account is done via Bancom’s intuitive money management dashboard.

Once the main payment account is established and the sub accounts have been verified, the main account owner can quickly move funds, in real-time, from one account to another.



Transferring funds to your sub accounts is a simple process that takes less than one minute per transaction. The funds are automatically deposited into the destination account and immediately available for use.

Since all sub-accounts require a positive balance, you never have to worry about employees overspending or going over-budget.

Monitor Expenditures

Bancom’s Management Dashboard gives you a detailed view of your employees’ expense activities. Track all business expenses and generate reports from a single, convenient, easy to use interface.


We implement the highest levels of security available to ensure that your company and customers’ personal information is kept safe at all times.

Transactions travel via 256-bit SSL encrypted medium and our servers are fortified with stringent firewalls, further secured by our state of the art security systems that make unauthorized access impossible.

Key Benefits

  • Gain full control of your financial resources at all departmental levels.
  • Ensure that all spending is authorized in advance.
  • Secured access to accurate, real-time financial expenditure reports.
  • Flexible limitations and audit trails for maximum control.
  • Our system can be integrated with existing supply chain management.
  • Reduced outbound and inbound processing costs
  • Reduced bank fees
  • Reduced print processing, distribution and mailing expenses
  • Reduced check replacement costs
  • Reduced risk of credit card fraud